[BNM] [OT] Please don't hurt my peelings...

Premasagar p at premasagar.com
Tue Mar 4 11:05:33 GMT 2008

    Are there any keen gardeners out there who'd like an ongoing, weekly 
top-up of organic kitchen peelings for their compost...?

    We don't have a garden, but don't want to dump it in landfill. Must 
be within walking distance of Brunswick Square (unless you're happy to 
collect it).

    All this gets me thinking about setting up a location-based site 
that connects producers and consumers of peelings, and producers and 
consumers of compost... Enter your postcode => show me my nearest 
compost bin; let me see a compost map of my neighbourhood. Social 
Compost! Compost 2.0...


p at premasagar.com
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