[BNM] SMS question

- paul - bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Thu Feb 14 14:00:04 2002


...Nigel Wilson, Technical Director at Poulternet commented, “When we looked 
around for a technology partner, Peramon was the obvious choice. Its SMS 
Server offered the capacity and volume to cope with an anticipated peak 
volume of up to 36,000 messages an hour." ...

>Potential client wants to do something flash with SMS.
>Imagine a big gig at The Brighton Centre.  Most people there will have
>mobiles.  If a band brings a big screen or projector and flashes up a
>number, inviting people to send a text message to that number, how many
>people could actually achieve that?  Is there some constraint about having
>huge numbers of phones within a small area?  What if the gig was at Earl's
>Court or the Millenium Stadium?

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